Francesca's research and poetic focus on the relation between physicality and states of mind and she is particularly interested in exploring the presence of the performer on stage in relation with the audience.


Her works have been presented and supported by many international festivals like Rencontre Chorégraphique Paris, La Briqueterie Paris, Tanzhaus Zurich, La Biennale Danza Venice, Opera Estate Festival Bassano del Grappa.

They include Kalsh 2009, Cantando sulle ossa 2011 (Aerowaves 2012, Best solo Masdanza 2012, Avignon Off 2014), Vocazione all'Asimmetria 2016 (Aerowaves 2017), Good Lack 2016 - a tryptic of solos exploring the theme of absence - (Back Pack – Biennale di Venezia 2016 - John Tube, Let’s Sky), Animale 2018 (Biennale di Venezia 2018) a solo choreographed for Romain Guion, Oro. L’arte di Resistere (2018) commissioned by Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa and created with the dramaturg Cosimo Lopalco and the performers of Dance Well (research and movement for Parkinson).


As a performer and co-creator she worked with Roberto Castello (Biosculture 2000, Il Migliore dei Mondi Possibili 2002),

Sonia Brunelli A NNN A 2007, Pippo Gentile Storia di una gabianella e di un gatto 2008, Rosaspina 2014, Alessandro Sciarroni Folk-s 2011, Sara Wiktorowicz (Grandmother 2013 - Equilibrio Award Roma Performer 2013), Yasmeen Godder (Gut Gift 2014, Two Playful Pink 2017, Simple Action 2017).

photo: Ilaria Costanzo