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Hasta el infinito y más allá

Ian Garside 

Creation 2021 - In process

Dance / physical theatre

Humanity has always been fascinated with death. It's been a running theme for philosophers and theologians, leaders and dictators, authors and artists for eons. Honestly, I don't think it's going away…


The solo is a musing on mortality, the inconceivable black hole of fatality, the inevitable undercurrent that accompanies all humans through life. It’s a reflection on the way we move through this empirical life, the realisations and insights that impact us, from our birth to old age and beyond. It endeavours to be a dramatic journey in which every human can see their existence reflected. 


The solo raises the questions: How do humans deal with impending death? How do I personally relate to the fatality of my own existence? Where does this 'black hole' come from and what do I do with its weight as I walk through life?

Kindly subsidised by the Government of the Canary Islands and Canarias Cultura en Red.

Thanks to the support of the Choreographic Centre of La Gomera, Canarias Crea Canarias, Gáldar City Council and peso producciones.