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The performance explores the tensions created between what we regard good for ourselves and for our bodies based on our personal needs and desires and what society imposes and dictates to us. 

Production: En drasi 2021

Fountains of Mojitos 

"In this choreographic work Evie continues her choreographic study on women and explore how four women  share intimacies about friendship, love, sexuality."

In the framework of Terpsihori Programme 2019 of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth 2019

Supported by Dance House Lemesos; Production: En drasi 2019

genes and tonic

 "An uplifting solo performance which questions the relationship of  the past and our present identity.  A landscape of movement, speech and sound that provokes and energises at the same time."


Sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

Supported by Dance House Lemesos.

When it turns red

"A humorous performance that reflects upon the burden of multi-tasking and questions the consequences of being busy on the body and the self."

Production: En drasi 2017
Supported by Dance House Lemesos

the more you dance the more you get

“The More You Dance the More You Get is a great work about a critical, often misunderstood, issue, acting as a metaphor for the imprisonment of women in its various global forms.” Richard Pettifer – 

"A powerful and thought provoking solo performance that tackles a constant global occurrence: Trafficking"

Production: En drasi 2016

Sponsored by: the cultural services of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Supported by: Rialto Theatre and Dance House Lemesos

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