Towards Vivencia

This workshop will concentrate on how to locate and train that moment in performance which is the holy grail to anyone within the performing arts; what dancers, actors and singers alike are constantly searching for; where the ‘magic’ of live theatrical performance resides, that state of mind associated with peak performance presence.

Towards Vivencia uses the extreme engagement of the body as a gateway to exploring the whole spectrum of what it means to own one of the most powerful and precise machines in the entire universe: your body.

In this workshop we will touch briefly on how your nervous

system works, but we will mainly jump, run, dance and climb to explore the limits of our bodies to train resilience, we will work on apnea to push our frights and insecurities, we will spin for more than 20 minutes to experience how it feels to fly and we will play so hard that we will understand how to transform any class, rehearsal and performance into a game.