Through & Out

Duration: 60’

Small / medium format

Alternative spaces are ideal


“There’s a reason we run marathons for people we’ve lost. There are stages of a marathon… Almost like the stages of grief.”

Through & Out is an installation/athletic performance, which combine dance, sports, neuroscience, music and text.


Through & Out aims to maximise the audience’s empathetic reactions inducing an emotional and visceral involvement. In previous performances the Audience was not only touched by the gruelling experience Jorge goes through, but they mostly felt identified with the universal feeling of metaphorical or literal grief.



Co-Producers & support: Greenwich Dance, ACE, Deda, Quad, Instituto Cervantes, Ambassy of Spain and The Place.



Audiences Responses:

“Each word you said in the performance hit every single cell in my body deep inside. They brought memories, created thoughts and made me watch you breathless”


“Powerfull, organic and very intense”


“The most demanding performance I have seen in my life, I was sweating with him all the way”