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With almost three decades of difference between them, they share something personal such as dance, without pretensions and from a playful perspective they adopt a common space in which the transmission appears as a starting point to talk about the passage of time.  

Production Isabel Jiménez Infinita Escena 
Supported by Kultur Leioa, Utopian (Getxo), La FuNdicIOn, CCN Malandaín Ballet Biarritz, Azkuna Zentroa,
Thanks to Espacio Espiral Santander
Subsided by Departamento de Cultura del Gobierno Vasco


Awarded the best dance piece 2018 in La Danza Inunda Santander at Festival La Espiral Contemporánea

FUGAS continues interrogating the idea of the group already addressed in the previous piece for urban spaces GEAR in which images of gears, migrations and sculptural compositions as sources of creation.

From another perspective, FUGAS formulates new forms of relationship, articulates different ypes of dependency. Display different situations on the same concept “Group".

Production. Infinite scene
Subsidise by Department of Culture Basque Government

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