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As its name indicates, this work refers to Duchamp, Dadaism and Tadeusz Kantor... among others.

A celebration, an ode to the object on stage.

Give the familiar object an additional meaning, a symbolic and metaphorical value different from its simple use value. In the scene, the object will not only leave its natural context, but will also be endowed with both physical and expressive movement.

Searching for all possible ways of playing and the link between the performer and the object, up to the transformation of the body itself into an object.


Co-production: Centro Coreográfico y Teatros del Canal - "CANAL BAILA 2022"

With the support of: La Comunidad de Madrid.


PART II of  Cómeme (2010)

There is a theory that states that gluttony and lust have their roots in human biology, in the survival instinct itself.

So, how to distinguish the border between need and excess? Who is capable of setting moral limits to pleasure when it appears as a collateral effect of a necessary activity?

With the support and collaboration of:  La Comunidad de Madrid, Centro Coreográfico Canal, Centro Coreográfico María Pagés, Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera, Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada, Ayuntamiento de Santa María de Guía, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria & Instituto francés de Madrid.


Dance essays around the concept of pain.
I have lost count of all my pains, incompatible with each other. They are like islands that lack an ocean. 

My identity has no solution of continuity. Pain is a demon that seizes me ... And according to those who know, all demons like to dance...

Within the residency program 2019 - DT Espacio Escénico, Madrid

With the support of Comunidad de Madrid 

Creation Residence Project at La Fundición - Bilbao 2021

PEEP BOX 350º, the flannel soldiers

The" new resistance ", is this youth of countries in conflict (called the third world) that come together to challenge the established power. This work seeks to capture the poetics that emanates from these young people,  that resist by reinventing a universe, drawing virgin cartographies, inaccurate maps of their destiny and that of others.

Medium format: 7 company dancers Large format: 7 company dancers and max. 20 participants

Chorus option: 20 volunteers

This modality allows the work to be more involved with the communities that host each Theatre. In this case, the format of a 60-hour workshop that can be distributed between 7 to 10 days must be applied, involving a diverse group of volunteers with the company ́s cast to develop a contextually unique version of the production.


With the support of: The Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, Conde Duque Cultural Center,  Centro Comarcal de Humanidades "Cardenal Gonzaga" Sierra Norte and Choreographers in Community.

PEEP BOX 350º 

Workshop / performance: maximum 30 participants (site-specific or stage)

Peep box 350º is a research project and creation of a mass performance intended for theaters, site-specific and non-conventional spaces.

The project involves a process of selecting 30 artists (dancers, physical theatre actors and circus artists) to participate in a 10-day workshop (60 hours) that culminates with a public performance of 40 to 45 minutes.


With the support of: The Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Canal Dance Center, Centro Comarcal de Humanidades "Cardenal Gonzaga" Sierra Norte and Choreographers in Community.


 Shōjo is character emerged from the MANGA. A small and innocent girl with certain magical elements and super powers.
A contemporary dance piece and physical theater for all audiences. Adaptable to theaters, street or unconventional spaces.


This piece is accompanied by a powerful musical composition that combines Japanese percussion, western classical, rock and electronica, composed by Martín Ghersa and performed by Isabel Romeo Biedma and Martín Ghersa.

With the support Conde Duque Cultural Center, Conde Duque Cultural Center and Choreographers in Community.

When a dream dies, a lot of blood flows... 

Winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying by Associazione Cultural dello Scompiglio, Italy

A duet full of intrigue, tension, anxious uncertainty that invites you to travel through the folds of scenic suspense.

Two characters.

A place. A briefcase. A jar. And what happens between them.

With the support of The Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Centro Comarcal de Humanidades

"Cardenal Gonzaga" Sierra Norte, Choreographers in Community, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa Italia and Festival internacional danza_MOS 2017.

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