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LANDing is an idea by Francesca Foscarini and the writer Cosimo Lopalco. It arises from the wish to “land” in unknown territories, explore their natural and human landscapes and traditions, and to follow the traces of history through the untainted, curious eyes of those encountering new places for the very first time.

The meetings will include technical elements to study body and movement, as well as improvisation and research.

Training the body and its ability to feel will be at the core of the exploration. The dialogue between 'in' and 'out', the relationship with the space and with otherness will lead the participants to explore new movement qualities, and eventually to the creation of their own vocabulary which will become an integral part of the final composition.

The proposals will be suited to the specificity of each arising situation. Attention to the particular group’s personality, while respecting the individual features of each member.

Francesca is an experienced and passionate dance teacher. She worked as a co-director and dance teacher at the Centro Formazione Danza in Romano D’ezzelino (IT) from 2003 to 2011. She resigned from that role to pursue a career as a performer and choreographer but never renounced to her teaching vocation. Since then she became a free lance teacher and taught contemporary dance classes and workshops for professional and non-professional dancers including children and people with disabilities in many institutions such Voll  in Vicenza (IT), Pavillon Noir in Aix En-Provence (FR), Tanzhaus Zürich (CH), Bei An Junior High School in Taipei City (TW), Tsoying Senior High School, Kaouhsiung (TW).


She taught the Schuhplattler dance and the principles of the show Folk-s  by Alessandro Sciarroni to the students of Kwai Hing Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School in Hong Kong and lead the physical preparation of the performers involved in the creation process of Aurora  a work by Alessandro Sciarroni involving people with blindness. She also recently teached at the Accademy Balletto di Roma. In 2016 she developed together with the writer Cosimo Lopalco the multidisciplinary educational project LANDing  where the practice of teaching contemporary dance is mixed with creative writing, sound recording, choreographing, performing and the love for travels.

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Feresh Bottega di Immagini