Should they maybe

Contemporary dance piece

Duration: 15’ and 40’ interactive

Performers: Gregory Auger and Martín Padrón.

Creation and Music: Gregory Auge

The impulse of this piece: The complexity of the Human Being. Your need to express, tell, transmit, the noise of your busy and restless mind difficult to tame.

The strength of the Human Being and his weakness. Your vital need to move, to feel, to realize a path.
The fall into the abyss of thoughts, the lack of faith, the paralyzing fear and the need to free themselves from their traumas.

Finally for the brave one, trust in the moment, compassion and surrender. Invoke. Contemplate.


Duration: 50 '
Performers: Gregory Auger and Martín Padrón.
Creation and Music: Gregory Auger

The encounter with the Self.

At birth we have a contract with the Self, it means that we have the obligation in this life to be faithful to our inner being.

Faithfulness means talking with him every day, taking care of our thoughts and having a reflection on each of our decisions. Having a family, a relationship, a child, a dog, a career, etc., are decisions that ask us for discernment, loyalty and consequences.

The contract is about giving us 100% to our being. In other words, to put the ego to service of the Soul (Being) and accept the consequences of our decisions.



Duration : 50’

 The show must go on?


Creation and Interpretation: Martín Padrón.

The reason behind this action is my desire to become aware, in a group, about the chaos of universal ethical values in which we are immersed consciously or unconsciously.

A reflection on what the spectator expects from a show and the reason why the interpreter is exposed.

The context, the subject and the rest ...

Creation and Interpreting: Gregory Auger
Music: Vivaldi


"The human body is nothing more than appearance and hides our reality. The reality of the soul" Víctor Hugo

The context, the subject and the rest ...
It is a reflection on us, on our purpose, on our love, on our scars, about our past, present and future ...