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The Choreographic Centre of La Gomera is divided into two departments to be able to bring attention to Dance and the Body from a sensitive perspective.

The Choreographic Department and the Pedagogical Department.

The CCG understands the artistic, the cultural, the educational and the social as a common good and reflects on new formulas for qualitative access and quantitatively to a greater number of citizens, paying special attention to the disadvantaged citizen.

Our Dance productions can take place in conventional theaters, alternatives spaces and also in street formats.

They are shows for all audiences. If you wish, we are willing to carry out parallel activities, actions linked to the body in schools, centres for elderly people , people with functional diversity, dance schools and any other group of social and educational context. The artistic and pedagogical team of the Resident Company and the Pedagogical Department of the CCG  is formed by social worker and two dancers with a long and consolidated professional career as artists and pedagogues linked to the arts of movement and the study of the body human in psychosomatic and sociopolitical aspects.

Compañía residente del
Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera

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