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ph - Juan Carlos Toledo



Choreographing or interpreting is, first of all, expressing an idea and making it live through movement. It is the art of composing dance and if creation calls for imagination, composing requires a technique and know-how.

This workshop is aimed at people who are interested in experimenting, learning and training in creative processes

of choreographic productions.


Nowadays the dancer must have the capacity and availability to offer a quick and effective response to the search and instructions of the choreographer, for this it is essential to understand and learn to use the choreographic tools.


Dramaturgy is a way of thinking. It is a technique that allows us to organise the materials to be able to build, unveil and interweave relationships. It is the process that allows us to transform a set of fragments into a single organism in which the different pieces can no longer be distinguished as separate objects or individuals.


The workshop will address three levels:

1. Between the "visible" and the "invisible", between the exterior and the mental design, including in this last concept the personal images and the motivations used to execute the action.

2. Between oneself and the space, time, objects, music, text, silences, lights, costumes and stage companions.

3. Between oneself and our audience: The third level is that of the whole, it is the fabric that reveals patterns, nuances, colours, drawings; it is the mine from which each viewer will extract the meanings.

ph - Juan Carlos Toledo
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ph - Descalzinha 


To be exposed to the ambivalence of movement and gesture. Provoke the division of the body against management choices, to achieve an unfolding. A body that is stimulated when confronted with obstacles, oppositions and other contradictions and that manages to achieve in its nature, the physical, simple and spontaneous response to explore the path that leads from the simple gesture to dance.


This class is based on the choreographic language that I have been developing for 30 years, result of the study of different techniques: Ballet, Graham, Horton, Limón, Flying Low, dance contact improvisation, wrestling and mime-dynamics among many others, added to experience as a dancer for various choreographers and my own experience as a choreographer.

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