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Physiological training from a dance perspective, aiming to harness and refine an all- round availability for a multitude of movement potentials.
A demanding practice that focuses on co-ordination, resilience, adaptability, musicality - and other primary physiological aspects such as strength, balance, power, flexibility - all approached with an attention to dynamism, finesse, and enjoyment!


The class constantly moves through space, without adhering to the traditional ‘front on’ dance class format. We prepare with group games and improvisations inspired by Contact Improvisation, 'Fighting Monkey’ and 'Passing Though’ - warming up a creative curiosity to play, and using those game structures to invest in the process of skill development.

We then embark upon a sustained development of movement patterns and danced sequences that start on the floor and gradually build to upright locomotion and eventually explosive jumps and inversions. 

ph - Juan Carlos Toledo & Danilo Moroni
ph_Descalzinha Danza_4.jpg

Trust in Process 


Trust can be invaluable to any creative process.  

Recognising instinct and attuning to intuition can be a revealing step towards understanding the mechanisms of Trust.

Trust in oneself, trust in our colleagues, trust in those whom we work for.

Lack of trust harbors discontent, malice and other negative feelings that can disrupt our creative flow.


How do we develop self-trust in order to meet challenges with perseverance and resilience?

How do we encourage trust amongst a group as a foundation for a supportive environment?

How can we commit to trusting authority figures, while maintaining our integrity as individuals? 


In this workshop we’ll playfully approach situations of discomfort, risk and danger while searching out the conditions for Trust.

We’ll work with observation of judgment and intuition, and ask how this informs our availability to trust ourselves and others.

ph - Descalzinha


Life is a game. A game of growth ... of interactions ... of emotions ... of challenges, successes and failures ...

How to get involved in the game, and activate the being to be ready to play?

In this workshop we will play, enjoying the possibilities we have to move.

And since each game has an objective, the objective of this workshop is to seek the essence of being present in the game, while we explore new challenges and discover unknown treasures of our abilities.

ph - Juan Carlos Toledo & Danilo Moroni

Clarity in Communication

Human action carries communicative power in untold ways. 'Body language' is the primary vehicle of this potential.

Do you see anger, do you see love? Do you see a lonely soul searching for a friendly face?

With communication comes meaning, and so the potential of theatrical narrative.


In this workshop we, as physical performers, will take the opportunity to explore the nuances of this complex subject

in a safe environment.  

We will explore the idea of clarity in physical intention and execution, and it’s role in the transmission of communicative content. 


We will improvise with and refine ‘performative’ material, as individuals and in groups, exploring, defining, creating and editing dance material, as a way of exploring the potential that movement has to communicate meaning. 

ph - crispeso
Photo by Cris Perez Sosa_8.jpeg
ph - crispeso

Voice & Movement 

Drawing on various experiences from the worlds of theatre and dance, and particularly DV8’s verbatim dance theatre, this workshop explores the moving voice in the context of dance and performance. 

Playful group exercises as well as explorations on a smaller scale, investing in both the personal and the ensemble experience. 

From physiological sound production within the body; to articulation from an actors perspective; to musicality and rhythm; to interpreting sensation and external impetus; to working with words and text. 

Weaving through this multitude of approaches we are always dealing with the question of how our movements and our voices are connected - not only physically, but also from the point of creative emotive potential. 

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